You Don’t Wear Pants! and Other Stories


In today’s update, Priel told a couple funny stories about her mission, as well as expanding some on other stuff that’s been happening.

Funny stories first: she and her companion have been spending a lot of time on P-Days with the Elders (because of drama in the ranks of the Sisters), and they were talking about how Priel’s gained 10 pounds since she started her mission. (She would like to inform y’all that she is indeed ashamed, but there’s a lot of good food, so.) One of the Elders, Elder Pearce, said that she should buy pants an extra size larger, and Sister Rader said to Priel, “You don’t wear pants!” (Because Sisters only wear dresses and skirts on missions.) Which was terribly funny to them, so they cracked up.

Then, when they were going through a car wash, the mirror got hit and it folded, but Priel freaked because she thought it’d broken off. So Sister Rader freaked too, but then she figured out that the mirror had just folded, and since then she’s made fun of Priel for that. So at least they’re enjoying themselves, lol.

In mission news, they challenged their first person to a baptism, and she’s going to pray and think about it. So they’re very hopeful about this situation! Also, Priel’s finger is healing up pretty well. She’s got therapy putty to play with to help her muscles heal properly. She’s pretty darn tired of having a hurt finger, though.

And in other completely unrelated news, she and I have decided that I need to name my first child Rocking Chair. I miss her and her weirdness very deeply, oftentimes, lol. It’s great to get e-mails from her like that.

So, that’s it for today! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next update!


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