Into the Idaho


I just got another update from LaPriel! She is indeed now in Idaho, in Meridan, she says, and she’s doing well. The ward there is treating her well, and also feeding her so much she’s turning into the “Pillsbury DoughPriel” (I made that up myself, actually, but she did mention the Pillsbury Doughboy.) The little kids can’t pronounce her name so they call her “Sister Bottom”, which she enjoys.

That of course, indicates that LaPriel is still very Priel-ish, by which I mean missionary life has not taken away her predilection towards talking about poop or butts. They are trying to work on her violent tendencies, so now she must threaten people (like my roommates) with spoons instead of forks.

As for the work itself, Priel says her companion, Sister Rader (pronounced raider), is nice, but very quiet, which puts more pressure on Priel. The district, she says, is also pretty nuts – a ton of different personalities. Not much is happening yet with converts, but she’s hoping more goes on soon. She’s happy to be there!

Oh, but she did have an incident where some of the food the ward fed her had onions in it. She’s allergic to onions (and lots of other weird things too), so she’s currently very itchy and covered in hives and is pretty sure no one is going to let her in to teach, because she looks diseased. Which is unfortunate, lol. So very like her.

So that’s all for today! Thanks for reading, and see you next update! =)


One thought on “Into the Idaho

  1. I love it! Sister Bottom! I had hives my first week out in the field because I had an allergic reaction to some fleas that bit me. So I can relate to what Sister Bottom is going through. Send her an e-mail for me and tell her–since I’m sure she can’t read this blog right now.

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