Quick Update


It’s official. I’m a terrible blogger. Sorry for not posting for almost a month!

Not much has really been happening, so I thought I’d share something funny that happened a few days ago. 

My friends and I stayed out past curfew (bad us) because we were watching “Man On a Ledge” at one of our guy friend’s apartment. The gate had closed by the time we got back to our complex, so we decided we would break into my apartment. We took out the screen to one of my roommates rooms and totally freaked them out as we climbed through the window. One of them said, “WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING??!” We replied, “Pulling a midnight heist.” It was super funny. I wish someone had recorded it.

Well, there’s my story. I honestly can’t think of anything else to post. I promise to do better at blogging!

Catch ya’ll on the flip side. 


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