Burned Bagels


Well, today has been super exciting so far. I registered for classes this morning, witnessed another proposal on campus, went to class, then came home to eat some bagels for breakfast and ended up burning them. Burned bagels don’t taste all that bad. Yes, I am eating them. There aren’t anymore bagels left in my apartment and I don’t have time to walk to the store to get more. So I will eat my burned bagels to remind myself why I should get a new toaster.

I signed up to take Intro to History, choir, German I, dance, and Book of Mormon. I want to take foundations science, but I can’t sign up for that until April 1st, which is poopy. After I sign up for that science class, I’ll end up having 14 credit hours next semester. I think my German class is going to kill me, since it’s EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK. KILL ME NOW.

I am going to get back to eating my burnt bagels and then I’m going to head off to choir.

Catch ya’ll on the flip side.


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