Ginger and Grobanite


I dyed my hair yesterday with the intent of having a slight dirty blonde color, but it came out sort of a strawberry blonde. I actually really like it. Image

The picture has bad lighting. It’s lighter in person than it is in the picture.

Sorry for making you tilt your head. But that means that I make heads turn, right? 😉

I also got Josh Groban’s new CD “All That Echoes.” Image

Please excuse me from society for a few hours while I obsess over my future husband and his magical voice.

Catch ya’ll on the flip side.


One thought on “Ginger and Grobanite

  1. You’re funny. =) By the way, I didn’t say, I like what I think I see of your hair here. I’ll have to see it in person to really know. But it seems like a nice color. =)

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